THE 5 Ws

When will I see benefits?

Immediately. If your customers and their families get to know you better and see you as an active part of the community, it will reinforce your image as the family firm. Customer loyalty is future business.

Who will look after the details?

We will, from start to finish. We will do the layout and design, inside editorial, printing and mailing. We will even provide personalized envelopes and postage. If you need your material written, our professional writer will call you, write your copy and send you a proof before anything is printed. Alternatively, you can provide us with the finished written copy. Either way, or something in between, we will help you build a professional newsletter.


Option 1

Option 2

The first option allows full colour throughout with two pages of personalized information on the front and back.

Complete Custom versions are also available.


1,000 + mailings... @2.10 per copy

Both can include colour photos to highlight your staff and facilities. They are designed for firms that are mailing to 1,000 or more families.

Please contact Denise Templeton for more information.


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