For less than $100 a month you will reach out to the caregivers in your community.


Dr. Earl Grollman and

Dr. Alan Wolfelt are two of the most respected names in the profession and they will present a new and informative article intended to help caregivers better serve families at a most difficult time.


Your competition cannot participate as long as we are working with you by reaching out to your community members.


Do you need to cost-effectively reach individuals who are on the Front Lines of your care-giving community? This diverse group deals with death and dying as part
of their everyday work. Enhance your firms image by providing them with relevant, enlightening information that
will help them in their profession. Frontline is the most professional way to reach these important caregivers.

Marketing Through Education




Frontline is first and foremost an educational tool. Therefore, we have brought together two leading experts on issues affecting the caregiver, Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D. and Dr. Earl A. Grollman. In each newsletter these two authorities strive to help front line caregivers understand what is natural, what can be expected and, most importantly, what they can do better to serve families at the time of death.

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Frontline . . . a new way for you to market your business.

Marketing Through Education

Frontline is a new and innovative way to cost-effectively reach a specific group of individuals within your community. These individuals are on the front lines of your care-giving community, the ones who deal with dying as part of their everyday work. Whether they are part of the hospital fraternity, members of a hospice, the clergy, or other caregivers, they are an identifiable group that deals with the varied emotional issues surrounding death. Frontline is an educational tool targeted to providing this group with relevant and enlightening information that will help them in their profession. With Frontline, your funeral home is reaching this specific group of people you need to keep in contact with.

Our Service to You

The program we offer with Frontline allows you to send a personalized copy of this unique educational newsletter to specific members of the caregiving community you wish to reach. With this program we collect from you a list of individuals you wish to receive the newsletter and input them into our database. Then each quarter we publish the newsletter and the people on your mailing list receive a personally addressed copy compliments of your organization.


The Frontline program ensures exclusivity in your market. Once your firm chooses the program it guarantees that you are the only one in your area delivering this unique newsletter to the caregivers in your community.

Ways to Use Frontline

Potential Frontline Caregivers

• Hospital Chaplain

• Hospital Social Worker

• Clergy

• Surgeons’ lounges

• Childrens’ services or hospitals

• Crisis centres

• Fire department

• Medical examiners

• Guidance counsellors (private and public schools)

• Street (drop-in) centres

• Veterans' administration

• Senior centres

• Charitable organizations

• Florists

• Hospices

• Nurses’ lounges

• Cancer centres

• Nursing homes

 Police department

• EMT attendants

• Private clinics and practices

• The lobby of the funeral home

• American Cancer Society

• Universities and colleges (counsellors)

• Community associations

• Libraries

• Emergency rooms

• Palliative care

• Suicide prevention centres

• Social services organizations

• Highway patrol

• Teachers

• Walk-in clinics

• Youth organizations and teen centres

• Visiting nurse associations (and other home health services)

• Psychiatrists and psychologists

Rates & Deadlines

Frontline rates are based on a minimum one year service agreement.


We Can Put Together a List For You!

For a one-time fee starting at $100, we will create a list of contacts for you. Simply tell us the area you want covered and we will compile a list of caregivers in that region. This list can also be modified by you to best suit your needs.


These prices include maintaining the database for the recipients of the newsletter from your funeral home, printing and maintaining an individual imprint and message from your funeral home, inserting the newsletter into an individually addressed envelope, insertion of an introductory letter and response form provided by your funeral home, mailing and postage.

1-100 copies

101-150 copies

$280.00 per quarter

$360.00 per quarter

$495.00 per quarter

201-250 copies


$560.00 per quarter

301-350 copies

$615.00 per quarter

351-400 copies

$680.00 per quarter




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